Soul Body Harmonics - Multi-Dimensional Healer, and Shaman Mentor

Arch Angel MichaelAngel Healing By Archangel Michael,
  Archangel Raphael, & Metatron

Greetings to all who are engaged in this time in oneness, I come with a present, a gift of reverence and clarity. We have always looked to strengthening the divine layers of energy that surround earth with the sweet sound of laughter, rejoice, and applause. It is in the awakening state that all who seek shelter in this world have but one ultimate goal, that it is to be saved from the experiences of ill willed sustenance that limits human beings from inner light. The ability we use such as strength, vitality, and love, we all have to learn to fight back with our true honor. We have the strength deep inside our souls to smooth our rigid thinking into a blissful state. These are just limitations, just simple narrow doorways that try to trick the mind in thinking what you believe to be an accumulation of negative compliance.
We have a different point altogether, as light beings we have a duty, a mission in our realms. We differ from what beliefs are generated on Earth and have complete evidence that what is called for is Faith. Faith is the key to all mischief the mind makes up and the mind will try to filter out any ideas that the heart is committed to. Look to the other side of things instead of believing at first glance and try to be opposite of all concrete ideas. Love flows in every direction, but if our intension is to try and control where love goes then we will surely be lost.

Arch Angel Raphael
Boundaries of the light never ends, we have examined over and over the price we pay for separation from our father and eternal light. We are all here to surround you and engulf you in the matrimony of life gifts.  Many of us who derive from realms beyond your existence require only in preparation a feeling of serenity and sincerity. Without being in distress we only require that you put your faith in God and trust what we bring. It is a adjustment to acclimate to your highest frequency and when this happens you soon feel that inner sanctuary building inside you. You cannot deny any untrue feelings by that point. We are only here to help you with understanding and teach you how to allow healing to be absorbed by your very being. You will be enchanted by the joining of our energy fields and soon become part of the faith you gave in being led to this venture.

Angel Energy healingAngel Healing with "Etheric Psychic Surgery."

The energy Angels transmit can reach any where in the world and can bring immediate healing to whomever they work with. Angels and the Masters are here to provide a teaching to those who are ready to take their next steps to invoke their already illuminating soul to the surface and live in God or Source Consciousness.
The Ascended Masters and Angels have a powerful divine light that breaks through any kind of “stuck” energy and brings emotional layers of conflict to the surface to be dissolved, so each person can direct their progress in what they wish to clear in themselves.
We all have the power heal ourselves, but what we are learning is to ask for help.

Matthew S. Bueno

 Arch Angel Metatron

Angel Healing By,
Archangel Metatron:

Greetings again on this day of individual expansion and forth right tidings. It has always been a question of ability in Earthly healing and a bond with the light. Your soul has a vitality of eminent power that emits a strong reverence of light blinding to the naked eye but gentle to all represent the non limitations of soul living. We as light living Angels have come across so many of this divine planet who already have the gifts to heal one another and still asking for more answers, we love that! We are a team, together we serve in the light together on Earth and in the realms of Angels.
Your soul is the answer to all healing happening in you and in others. Your soul is key to a bigger part of you that is stirring up the past to bring ultimate treasure of energy that lives in us all. All we have to do is become that bigger part of ourselves and access oneness with the realm workers of light.
 We challenge you to become part of your own oneness and walk with the integrity of your soul and you will be healed. Love never ends, Always believe ...

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