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Welcome Ambassadors of Light!!

 Calling all Ambassadors of light!  On Sat the 22nd 2018 at 5 pm mountain time, you are invited by Liza to a great opportunity to learn and harness energies of light from the Lemurians. Liza is just one Queen of the Nai’a (nye-ah), the dolphin people from which the Lemurians came. She channeled through me today and is calling out to our network and other forms of connections. This is a chance to re-claim your power to see with different eyes and see as the Galactic family sees. What you perceive in this world and how to change it by changing yourself. The earth is speaking to us in such a way that it’s more like earth telepathy and intuitive knowing. The Nai’a are contacting light teachers to send us insight of how to harness inner visions and activate your 3 eye. This is what they are bringing in the next few weeks.
 Liza is asking for those of you who are feeling the pull to this opportunity. To learn how to use inner sonar and vibrations for healing yourself and remembering who you are. The Nai’a are beings with in depth perceptions and multiple healing dynamics which they are wanting to share with all who feel pulled to this call.
This morning I was shown a series of visions, one of the visions was what our earth was once like before humans came and how the Eco systems worked. At that time the oceans covered most of our planet and plant life flourished. Another vision was that of a sacred golden tree, it was the tree of life extending its roots into the earth to strengthen the earth and the earths inhabitants. It was explained to me, that the gold energy in the tree represented the life force coming from the Universe to be sent to the ones on this sacred path.
 Energies of Lemuria and other star nation settlers were here placing vortexes down on our planet and over time, these vortexes became sacred. You know them as Sedona, Mount Shasta, Kauai, Crestone CO, the black hills, Atlantis, Kenya, and many more. They placed these energies for us to learn from, to remember from, and learn to connect with our inner sacredness. These sacred areas of our planet discharge great amounts of light that helps to shift our own perceptions and allows us to have in depth insight to what we are here to do.
We will be teaching an introductory 2-hour class for $55 online. Once you receive these activation's through visual, empathic meditations, and focus, you will be able to access intuitive vibrations from people, color of multiple dimensions to heal your emotions, feelings of deep empathic energies that can be channeled for hands on healing and much more.
 Once you are given the channeled instruction from Liza and other Ambassadors of light beings, you will be able to see within yourself the colors and the feelings working to awaken the conscious contact with the Nai’a. This is an opportunity for you to learn from powerful beings, the Ambassadors of light and become pro-active to help shift the human collective and clear a path for others to follow.

In this two- hour class we will be offering:  With the Ascended Masters and the Nai’a

·        How to clear your veils that block energy downloads that come from source
·        How to open the 3 eye to receive the teachings of the Lemurian Beings using color and                      vibration
·        Using this inner light to reclaim your connection

These classes will be recorded and sent to your email for your review and study. We will be meeting on, which is a free conference call in person as I will do this live! After registering you will be given an invite link to the meeting sent to your messenger. Send me your email and I will send you the payment link to square, you can pay by Credit card there.
Looking forward in working with all of you!

Matthew S. Bueno

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