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How to Ground
Grounding exercise

Grounding Chord Exercise
At dawn after rising, find a place to focus. Ask your high self to send a white light chord down to the top of your head and send it down your spine to the tail bone. Hold the energy and embrace the light into your body and then ask God to send electrical healing light down your chord into your body to locate any and all places in you that is holding onto negative emotions. Think of times in your life that you have held back, got into an argument with a loved one, or a negative experience that stands out. 
With the intention alone, ask that all parts of you is reunited in your heart Chakra and call back your spirit. Return your attention to your tale bone spine and create a brass key at the end of your chord. Feel as thought that the key weighs 1,000 lbs. Take a deep breath and let the key drop from your spine into the earth with the intention of finding a key hole that fits your key in the center of the earth. Secure your key in mother earth, after feeling a secure connection with earth, ask mother Gaia to send a emotional balancing earth energy back up your chord in the form of a beautiful vine with tiny flowers growing from it. Let the vine climb up your chord till it reaches your tail bone spine. Transform this vine into green watery light, as it reaches behind your heart Chakra see it ignite into fire, as you reach the top of your head, transform it into a bonn fire on top of your head.
In front of the Green Bonn Fire notice the tiny spark of gold, silver, white light of this luminous Holy Spirit. Sitting in front of the fire there are 3 parchment papers with an Eagle feather and a small jar of ink. In your minds eye take the Eagle feather and dip it into the jar of ink, write on the first parchment paper what your intention of the day is, on the second write down what your grateful for, and on the 3rd make a wish for something that you believe you will never get.
When you are done place all 3 parchment papers into the fire. Imagine a bubble of light emanating out of your forehead, take your physical hands and place the bubble around the fire you created with your prayers. Encase the fire inside the bubble and lift it off your head, watching it float up to the clouds into the sunlight. Feel your prayer as it travels to God, when you feel that God receives your prayer, ask God to bless God, to bless the Creator, to bless all the Angels and spiritual teachers in spirit form. Breathe down your Chord releasing the energy
then, ask God to bless your body, your heart, your organs, what ails you, and ask for a blessing on your life path.
Finally, ask God to bless Earth beneath you and all her inhabitants, kids, elderly, animals, rain forests, our natural resources, and our water. Continue breathing and releasing old energy and become new again.
 Ask Mother Mary to bless your intention for the day and give thanks.
Sit quietly and enjoy your connection,

And may all your days become who you are inside……

Mother Mary 

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