Soul Body Harmonics - Multi-Dimensional Healer, and Shaman Mentor

In your personalized Sessions 
The Ascended Masters and their Energy are channeled to enhance healing in you.
The masters are not a projection, they come through your high self and connect with you and your energy field.
With your permission they energize your field and help expand your awareness. 
We teach you a Grounding exercise before each session to provide the best results in connecting to your high self and the Angelic realms.
We are committed to working with you at your own pace and provide a safe secure energy protection with the help of the Masters & Angels wherever you are and instruct you to experience your own personal alignment with God Source.

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Clearing the Empathic field
This is an easy step by step instruction of to clear your field and keep your energetic body blessed by divine spirits.

~Personalized Sessions

  • Myself and the Ascended Masters will assess from your higher self what the best steps to take with Assisting you in your situation.
  • Together we will make sure the solution is exactly what you need to heal. 
  • This work comes from the higher realms of the greatest good of you. 
  • After the work is done, we will set up a second follow up appointment and to check in.

~All this work is done energetically on the phone or Skype. 

Cost $265          

Cozmic Coaching

* The 10 session special is good for anyone working toward a certain goal and you need a spiritual Coach to contact the Masters & Angels for extra help.

* These Sessions are created to meet you on your                                        spiritual level, you will be given insight and                                                techniques for you to maintain your new vibration
* These Sessions can also be purchased for                                           someone you know who needs this work!

                               $2,300.00 for 10 Sessions

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