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Shamanic Empowerment Classes

Why Shaman?

These classes were developed so you can experience what it means to be a sacred human being. This is not an easy journey; many sacrifices must be made. These classes do not make you a Shaman, these classes were developed over time from my personal experiences with Nature, my Grandmother, Lightning People, Medicine Men, Angels, Ascended Masters, My Ancestors, Darkness, Relatives who have crossed, and my own helpers guided by the Creator to help me navigate this life. These classes were created so you too, can experience a spiritual connected life.
This is just one way, there are many other ways you can obtain knowledge for your spiritual awakenings. What life chooses you to become, is what is. 
We don’t call ourselves medicine men, medicine woman, or Shaman. We are named by the people. The people see what they want to see. You were born special, because you were born. 
What you do with this life is up to you.
These classes will take you deep inside to cultivate your own talents that you were born with, and during this instruction we have laid down, you may experience spiritual phenomena that only matter to you.
The word Shaman, is cultivating Spiritual Creation connection with all the truth of the World. Shaman comes in many forms. It is not handed to you by a piece of paper, or title, it is earned like an Eagle feather.
 Being a Spiritual Warrior is what you do with your gifts after receiving them in a good way, what you do for others, and how you thank the spirits for what you have received. 
As I pour my knowledge into these courses, my prayer for you is that you learn to become what you were meant to become with Humility.

 My prayer for you is, to realize that we are all one family on this planet and together create a better world for the future of our children.
My prayer for you is, to feel present in your life, to be able to see past the negativity created by others, change yourself, and align yourself with the purpose of why you are here.

It is with honor and love, that I offer these training's and tools, so you become the best you can be.  To be sacred, is to be who the Creator made you to become.

Matthew Lightning Bear

This is an interactive class on Zoom. $1600 for groups and $2600 for one on one classes. One on one classes, you have the benefit of all my attention on your growth and understanding. 
In the groups, I will take the time work with each person on separate sessions.
 I have created Doc's to give you a much deeper sense of why this is so important for your spiritual growth. 

~Your Internal Dynamic

  • Creating your Own Connection
  • Dissolving negative Family Dynamics 
  • Clearing your own chakras
  • Creating your own personal protection

~Walking in beauty with your Ancestors and Guidance

  • Working with truth
  • Clearing old habits
  • Removing self-judgement
  • Clearing Shame/Guilt
  • Creating light around you

~ Working with your intuitive mind

  • Raising the Bar in Channeling Angelic Energy
  • Increase your own frequency
  • Past life regression
  • Healing through channeled Light
  • Creating Validity in your aura field

~ Making Medicine

  • Finding your song
  • Toning the Cosmic Body
  • Activating the Earth Star Chakra
  • Activating your Soul Star
  • Breaking Contracts

Shamanic Mentor-ship Program

Next Class Starts November 13th 11am PCT 2018

Thank you for your interest in taking the Shamanic Mentor-ship program. This is a 10-week instruction to influence your strengths, your protection, spiritual clearings, discovering animal spirits to assist you in transforming dark to light, and discovering your inner medicine. This is the first of 20 classes I will be teaching in the coming future.    
The cost for this class is $1600.00. I am open to payment arrangements, if payments are made, they are to be paid off by the end of the 10-week program. If this is still a problem, then speak to me and let me know what you feel you can do. We need to be able to keep high energy going for all classes, this means that the amount you commit too, will in fact equal the amount of energy you receive.
These classes are committed in aligning you with integrity of your higher selves and to open the veils that block your gifts, so you can start receiving your own spiritual identity through this course. I will be working with the ancestors and my own guidance to get you there. The rest is up to you. This is some of the work we will be covering.

  • Clearing your field of past emotional energies that cloud your ability to be clear with yourself
  • How to create an alter to create healing in your life
  • Initiation with Red Cloud
  • Your "Body" is the Alter 
  • Working with Bear Medicine
  • Shape shifting yourself into the new world
  • Clearing Entities
  • Healing from a Distance with your Healing Medicine
  • Re-inventing your inner Beauty and dispersing Fear
  • Past life regression
  • Clearing contract that hold your Soul Hostage
  • Creating Mandalas to Manifest Earth Energies into your Dream-time

This will be an interactive class online on a free conference call with a free calling number. One day a week for 10 weeks. We will begin classes starting as soon as we get people signed up and committed to a payment plan. The times depend on each of your schedules and time zones.
 For any reason you cannot make a class, you can listen to the recording you will receive in your email and then contact me with any questions you may have.
For more info please contact me at

Looking forward to enhancing your light and creating good medicine together….

Matthew Lightning Bear



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