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Matthew Bueno is an accomplished healer with an amazing gift for clairvoyance and working with masters in the other dimensions.  Matthew possesses an incisive clarity to his perception with an ability to heal really difficult and obscure issues with grace, balance and expertise.  Matthew is a Native American and sometimes chants some really beautiful songs during session when he is guided to do so.  A healing session with Matthew is a very good transformational experience. 
N.A. 2018

Studying with Matthew,
has raised my vibration and the quality of my work as an energy healer and spiritual counselor. The techniques he teaches for working with the Angels and Ascended Masters are extremely effective and so many questions about energy work have been answered for me.
Matthew meets me right as I am about to take the next step in my growth and helps me fine tune and trust the empathic and intuitive abilities that are necessary for helping me help others and myself.  I have gained a greater sense of clarity and confidence that I really needed in order to evolve as a healer.  His courses are so enlightening! If you are ready to grow beyond your wildest imagination and allow the Masters and Guides to work through you for a more Grace filled life for you and those around you, then you are ready to work the Matthew and go to the next level.
Monna Giovanna
Placerville CA.

I was given Matthew’s name by someone who raved about the work he did in healing her relationship with her daughter. I had a similar situation, and a daughter who was not open to spiritual healings. I asked Matthew to clear the karma between my daughter and myself. He was able to do this during my phone session, by simply getting my daughter’s Higher Self to agree.
The healing was very powerful and immediately opened up positive communication. Because I know a lot about energy work, I was very impressed by the thorough job he did of protecting our space before the healing. He also brought in very high-level masters to do the healing. It was brilliant and has changed my life. I highly recommend Matthew and have given his name to many, who have had similar results.
Ruth MaganAuthor of:
  Laughing With Angels,  Visions of Earth Beyond 2012 , My Angel, My Friend and Our Fun Feel Better Book

My dearest Matthew,       
Words cannot express my gratitude for the work, energy, and love you shared tonight. I have asked, prayed, and requested that all that you have done for me tonight will be given back to you, 10-fold.

I was not only blown away, but confirmed that all that I have been feeling over the past few years (especially) was not just me being over dramatic or over sensitive, lol. Thank you!

I wanted to share a ‘present' life experience I had when I was 17 years old. I was in a really bad car accident which caused blunt force trauma to my head and ironically enough, left shards of glass living under my skin. It took months for them all to emerge and I eventually pulled out the last one sometime during my senior year of high school. The messages tonight could not have been more clear, to say the least. 

In regard to feeling lost, abandoned, and trapped- I’ve been going through waves of this since having my son. Being a stay at home mom has really given me a lot of time to reflect and all of these feelings have really come to the surface in a big big way. It’s been especially challenging being on the west coast away from all family and friends since being a new mom. Lots of changes and shifts at the same time I guess has made me feel disconnected for sure. 

Anyhow, I just wanted to give you some feedback and validation- off air. I was expecting wonderful things from you, but the depth of the work was beyond any expectation. 

Again, I thank you tremendously. 

Big love, light, and blessings always, 

L.S.  LA. CA


Thank you Matthew, 
not only for the tremendously powerful massage and healing sessions you gave me, but for the wisdom and guidance you were able to offer when I needed your support the most. Clearly, your connection with the Masters and The Ancestors is authentic and extremely healing and uplifting.
I very much enjoyed having you on In5d Radio as my Special Guest. Your readings and healing for individual callers and also the collective were incredibly powerful. Many listeners sent messages after the broadcasts about how touched and moved they were by your emphatically expressed clear vision and your ability to channel messages from those of the highest and the light.
Finally, and to me, most importantly, I adore what is in your heart, your kind nature and willingness to go above and beyond to heal individuals, the human collective and the planet. Your sense of humor is infectiously contagious as you make everyone around you laugh and smile.
God Bless You, Matthew Bueno I am so grateful for your insights, unconditional love and support.
Very truly yours, 
Helane Lipson

Matthew is a loving and gifted channel. 
He, more then any other teacher, has helped guide me home to my heart. 
I have felt community through his healing and I have learned things about my self that I had forgotten.
 Matthew connects with many Ascended Masters and Light Beings  He brings their information in with love and humor. Sessions with Matthew are truly a spiritual treat. - 
T. H. (Seattle)


"Matthew is in a class of his own, capable of delivering Divine Grace through his work in amazing and effective ways. Even though his abilities are extremely rare, his humbleness is what makes working with him such a blessing. In just a few sessions with Matthew, my abilities of clairvoyance have increased, my spiritual strength has increased, I've been provided many new energy tools that are much more effective than what I had been using for years, my clarity of purpose is much clearer, and my overall sense of peace has greatly increased. He took me through numerous high level healing that were fast and complete -- and best of all the benefits were clear right away and are lasting. I feel lucky to have been led to Matthew's work with the beloved Ascended Masters, and I'm excited to continue working with him."

JoJo Shaiken, Los Osos, California

Looking in Deeply

Matthew's talents go way beyond massage for the body with a mind and soul that is awake and willing.  In my experience, healing on many levels has occurred as we linked our intentions and maintained clear communication in each session. Matthew has a sacred toolbox like none other I have experienced.  I am so grateful to be on the planet at the same time as Matthew to enjoy this wonder full journey!

~Audra, Mt. Shasta 

Precious and kindWhen Matthew works on clients it is with the with utmost sincerity and deep dedication.
Not only Matthew is the best massage therapist I have known, he is a great healing facilitator and channel to bring in the information and light from the "Light Realm." 
And his sense of humor make his session very special.   

~Haruko Sasaki,    Mt. Shasta CA.

True PotentialHi Matt I wanted to share with you how much i appreciate your work, & all of the personal work that you have done in order to be a facilitator for GOD , Angels & Spirit Guides. I have been receiving energy work for 16 maybe 17 years now. I personally have had hundreds & hundreds of energy sessions. There also have been many other energy workers over the years that have worked on me as well. With out a doubt you & all of your resources by far have been the most effective on all areas & other aspects that happen in an energy session. Your Angels & Guides are the most profound resources that i have ever been worked on to this day. The information is beyond what i have ever heard before , and the healing you provide have surpassed any of the other people that have worked on me as well. I have never written a letter like this before , and i still am in amazement over how much i have changed over these last few months. I am truly blessed to have been worked on by you & all of your resources.

 Lots of Love & Light
  ~Jeff Witham                                        West Newbury , Massachusettes  
                                                                                U. S. A.

A gift for you"Matthew has been amazingly helpful in assisting me along my spiritual path and in achieving my personal goals.  The guidance I receive through him resonates deeply, the support and love I feel during our sessions is profound, and I am always amazed at how empowered and connected I feel after a session with him.  He has refreshingly light hearted energy, but there is also an immense depth, uncanny accuracy and an element of purity that encourages healing at very deep level.  I would recommend Matthew to anyone seeking assistance in moving forward towards their truest self. "

~Jenny Brown
Portland, OR

Wishes being made

 'Matthews kindness , compassion , & clarity allows me to re align with my higher self & truth. Through the guidance of the Ascended Masters he is able to assist me in any process that may arise and find healing that is in alignment with a clear higher state of beingness. There is no need to suffer, only to be true with that which is you… So grateful for the support of Matthew & the Masters at this time."

 ~Guru Dharm Kaur Khalsa, NM

Dancing Butterfly"I feel so safe with Matthew, he is as big as a bear and as graceful as a swan. Each modality of healing I have experienced with him has left me feeling deeply relaxed, nurtured, and grounded. I am grateful."

~Graell Corsini: Founder and Co-Director of the Goddess Temple of Ashland, 
International Workshop Guide, Temple Dancer, Sacred Sites Tour Guide, and Birth Attendant

Everything is supportedMatthew is a stellar healer. As a healer myself, I am choosy who I allow to work on me. His massages are nurturing and deeply healing. He is of high integrity and I feel very trusting and grounded while he works on me. Matthew has a wonderful connection to the Divine, and he has helped me to see things that I was not able to see for myself. I have the utmost respect and gratitude for Matthew's work, and recall many things the Masters have channeled through him for me.
Matthew's readings and healings are certainly a Blessing on anyone's path! Thank you Matthew!

-Britt, Ashland

       Dear Matthew, I am sitting on the train to the airport and feel so grateful to have met you and to be working with you! I feel that the way you work just clicks with something inside me on a level that just works for me....that doesn't happen too often with energy healers, I must say.   As a shaman myself, I know when there's that true connection and when it's not.  I slept well last night which is a miracle in itself because the night before travel I always sleep very poorly. And while I'm not 100% well today, I'm able to travel and I really got it last night that I haven't been giving to myself in the way I need to with all the added stresses and enormous work that is flooding into my life at the moment.
That was my biggest takeaway from the session. Anyway, thank you so much and thanks to all the wonderful ascended guides and healers who have helped me on my journey to wholeness.
Much love to you

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