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The Elder Activation

The 4 Elders Activation 
Healing Meditation

This particular Activation has to do with relating to nature and our mountains on Earth. Together we are intertwined in an evolution that is taking place at every given moment, but how many of us are really aware of the balance of Man versus the balance of Nature. There is a strong collective encompassing our planet and of those who feel the changes. We have to ask ourselves.
 Is it really ours adhere to? What if Nature and Earth have other means of evolution for us? How does this fit into our life perceptions? When you learn to speak and understand the language of Earth and Nature you will be introduced to the visions of Evolution from within given to us by the Story tellers of the Earths Elders, Which is Our planets sacred Mountains. These Mountains include Mt.Tam, Mt.Shasta, Mt.Lassen, and Mt.Haleakala in Hawaii. These ElderMountains have seen earth’s changes over time, they have been submerged into the ocean and have changed form over time they have recorded energies of earth changes even before humans were born to this planet.
Each of these Elder mountains have a certain claim on the Earth, broadcasting frequencies and communication to which can be felt in our sensory minds or experienced during deep meditation exercises. 
There is a clear production of Earths internal frequencies, which include energy to be sent from these mountains into the visual dreams and still shots of the human collective.
The Great Elders sends those dreams spiraling into the subconscious minds for those who are aware, those who are in a place of understanding the planets needs, and those whom are discovering inner planet metaphysical mysteries.
When we are drawn inward to seek understanding of our spiritual connection, do we really need to know what our purpose is.
Or is it that we want to know where we stand as humans in this moment of Evolution against our reality in today’s world.  Is it because we feel separated from evolution or a foreign feeling of growing talent that we can’t put into words? 
Being human is a gift and does not have to have meaning from our life perceptions, it means being human is an experience taking place and building History to record for ourselves to see how far we have come.
We have a choice to allow ourselves to be drawn to what we feel that jars us inside, even if at first instinct is to go in the direction of the collective and deny self discovered theories that are born through us.
The calling of Nature is coming and it’s as an opportunity to be the receivers into a deeper awareness unlike our own, a world not only for ourselves but for our future generations. This World calls to us to receive the visions from the Elders, the understanding, the insights, the nourishment of hope, and greater experience we as humans can have.
The Elders of our planet are sharing their experience and dream with us, in their own way they are broadcasting a straight energy communication that is easily understood, but one key is to let go of earthly needs, corruption, and connections of the encrypting collective that speak of knowing a reality that is still in trial form.
It is not easy to flee from worldly attachments such as, possessions, money, laws, War, politics, and Greed. It’s harder to re discover the energy from which we were created by and live by that experience. We were all seeds at one time having a life experience, then becoming human and understanding the power that generated our evolution.
In this Activation we will experience change on many different levels from our DNA, memories of other lifetimes, and insights hidden inside our sub conscious systems from the moment our souls were born.

 At one time or another we were part of Mountains, Rocks, Oceans,  rivers, earth, animal, vegetable, plant, and trees. The memories are there inside each of our souls, the Elder generations are giving us the chance to remember our first language and the understanding that followed.  This is about regaining our knowledge of how to re connect to our inner light and evolution so, that we become part of the ancient frequency that is sleeping within us. Remembering how to live in a world within a world created by God…..
Matthew & Ascended Masters/Angels

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Brina on Friday, January 18, 2019 12:38 PM
Mountains are absolutly amazing elders, from which we can recive so much... they are teaching us calmness, patience, endurance, broadness,.. and so much more. I lived as a child in the mountains... their spirit and mostly the spirit of the woods has raised me... so fore I feel you my brother! Grateful you are doing this work for the humanity. And yes, future generations are so so important! Blessings!
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