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Tethering Healing

I stumbled upon a technique I like to call "Tethering Healing." I have always had the influence of healing possibilities, working with the Masters has given me insight that is beyond anything I have ever felt and experienced. In my meditations I have fallen into deep tranquil trances where I can feel the Universe in me expanding in every perception of mind. I have felt the immense uncanny emotions of the planet, the progression of the human collective, as well as the Universal collective which at times was very difficult to come out of my meditations or even to verbalize what I experienced. I have always thought if I could only project the imagery in my mind onto a blank canvas people could see what the unknown is really like. I suppose that is why they call the Great Mystery a Mystery.
After spending much time in meditation, it occurred to me that while I was there I could ask questions to my guides and hopefully get an answer to some of the unknowns I was still pondering. Everything for me is about learning to be in truth, as well as to learn the integrity of spiritual healing. Tapping into people from God consciousness is one of the many ideas of being pure with good intentions, but it's not always a direction of integrity. It's always better to ask permission of the receiver in order to access their connection, that way that person has full knowledge of what to expect in our connection with them.
It was offered to me by Mother Mary to expect nothing, but to be in the moment at all times with a good heart. She told me that in my heart there was a crystal light over shadowing the immense impossibilities that we keep as humans, can and can not's. Who makes the rules? She said to me. I guess God does, I replied and she just smiled as if to validate my thoughts I find hard to believe is already in me and she simply smiles, I love teachers that teach from that kind of simplicity.
So, after that I made a huge discovery that I put to the test. If Mother Mary was with me the way she is in my meditations then I will practice this unique technique of healing others.
So, one day I was working on a woman over the phone and she asked me after her healing to check in with her son who was 4. He was at a birthday party with friends from his school. I asked what the intention was for him and she replied that he was having bad head aches and wanted me to check in on him. I glanced at Mother Mary and she just smiled and nodded. So, I asked for his name from the mom and also to put her son in her heart so I could reach him through her love for him. I contacted the light of God, connected to the mom's high self and went to find her son. When we got there it was like he was right in front of me, I called in Metatron and Matreya whom I have a clear verbal connection with and proceeded to work on her son. We cleared the debris in his Aura field and told the mom what we had found. She told us we were spot on and  was grateful for that extra time we put in for her. She later told me that after we had worked on her son, she called and talked to him and he said he had a stomach ache and it went away with the head ache. She was pleased and thanked us.
Low and behold after that healing we did, people started calling and asking if we could work on their loved ones who were not exactly on the spiritual path but needed help. Funny how word just gets around after a successful connection. So, I started Tethering from one person to another with the help of God and creation. It's amazing how we can as healers make healing difficult in the question of permission and at the same time get insight from great teachers who teach what we already know.

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Brina on Friday, January 18, 2019 12:49 PM
Thank you for sharing this experience! Permission is important! Meet Metatron in one of my meditation... never knew before the meditation that he existed... than found out so much about this realy. Sharing experiences helps many to orient in the right direction.
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Jason Bravo on Thursday, January 31, 2019 6:27 AM
I am glad to read about ay baba g here.
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