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Master Ethereal and Earth Changes

In the past few months I have noticed a sequence of roller coaster type emotions affecting individuals as myself. 
A month back we had solar flares coming to the planet, Solar eclipses, and before that the human collective was dealing with children killing children. What does this all mean, So I went to source to ask about our current situation and how the Human collective are supposed to deal with all this on going chaos.
 Source sent Ethereal to me, one of the Ascended Masters from the 9th dimension, and he said,  this is only the beginning, many citizens will feel the sting of transformation. There is a manifestation of darkness draining your planet as well as a massive amount of light beings trying to strengthen the wills of man, woman, and child. He said there is a "tug of war" happening and the earth itself is beginning to stretch it's width to accommodate the much needed space to grow. 
I said..the earth is getting bigger? He said, yes in a sense. Not how a plant grows, more energy is coming to the planet to sustain energies expanding. Energies of those who will open their eyes to a new world right in front of them. The veils of reality is lifting and your government knows this, they are calling it something else. Your government is creating issues in social media and news to keep you distracted and away from truth. 
This has happened in more times on earth that can be counted. It's up to the people of earth to start making an effort in engaging in the spirit of things. 
Like what? I said...
Ethereal said, it's up to the teachers of light to create more teachers of light, so the earth can thrive once again in the knowing of self nurturing realities. For the people of earth to know that there is among them a beauty waiting to be discovered and unearthed. People of earth need to know they matter, they have a future, they are love, and they have the ability to change the world. Together in harmony, not just one people, all people he said.
I asked, what can we do now to prepare?
 He said, be who you were born to be. Don't let the riddles of man discourage you on your path, be what you were created to be. and all will be revealed in your days to come.

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Jason Bravo on Monday, October 22, 2018 1:57 AM
I am glad to read about ay baba g here.
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d on Thursday, January 03, 2019 7:59 PM
Reply to comment reviews on Monday, January 07, 2019 2:11 AM
I think that emotion is a very powerful thing that we all have. What separates us humans from other living organisms, is that we have emotion. It is because we have emotions that we are able to both understand and misunderstand people. I think that emotion is the thing that makes us humans, well, humans. There is nothing really left for me to say, I think that I did my best in trying to explain my opinions and what I am feeling.
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Brina on Friday, January 18, 2019 12:56 PM
Wooow, yes brother this is it! We only need to be who we are.. each of us is having and bringing to this world an amazing gift to share. I remember a dimension where rainbow auras were like people on the rainbow fields... the messege was we are going from this experience of life further... huh I felt fear... oh I do not want to leave this body, this place ect... but yes it 2as not about that, the messege is that New Dawn has began on Earth. This is how I relate to your experience with my experience! Blessings brother!
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Jason Bravo on Thursday, January 31, 2019 6:27 AM
I am glad to read about ay baba g here.
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Anonymous on Monday, February 04, 2019 5:19 AM
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edubirdie on Friday, February 22, 2019 1:05 AM
As one of the organisms inhabiting the planet Earth, it is our responsibility to take care of it so that the future generations could still enjoy the different wonders the Earth has in store for us. We all know that the Earth is dying, and it is all because of the human's irresponsible ways that made the Earth suffer as it is now. Being the one who can thin among the other organisms living with us, we should think of ways in order to save the Earth. This is our home, it should be in our minds to take care of it. So make a stand, because if you don't, then who will?
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