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Toning the Cosmic Body

Toning the Cosmic Body
Toning the cosmic body is done with tones coming consciously from visualization and channeling from the heart center. The cosmic body refers to the energy in the body and in the outer body. It can be imagined like the Placenta that houses a new born child still in the Mothers womb. The cosmic body is the light lining between the organs and soft tissues. It is the energy that is always working in the background protecting our physical bodies and light bodies. Toning is done when giving massage or by channeling distant healing.
 With massage it is used when holding space with hands in the aura field of a person’s frame by holding the feet or head, it is to help amplify cosmic regeneration and create a matrix field movement. This means to intensify the infrastructure of how the Matrix or construction of what the Cosmic Body was originally created for. When you give toning to the Cosmic Body, it recognizes the misalignment and responds with attunement, light movement, realignment, vitality, and amplifies the divine healing processes. The cosmic Body is directly aligned with the Moon and the Sun, so the moon phases and sun phases affect the cosmic body too. When you are in alignment with the cosmic body you feel awake, in balance, moving in good faith, playful, child-like, and secure. What you have in your field creates the health you desire. A flower can only sustain so long in a field of weeds, when its with other flowers with the same beauty or in great green forest it lives forever in bliss.
 The Toning procedure is quite wonderful when visualizing colors, it brings the awareness of healing. Toning conveys the awareness of sounds, when you allow yourself to become a conduit, a hollow bone, and transparent. This is most effective for someone who is moving through a lot of energy, such as; Menstrual time, Healing Processes, Grief, Physical Recovery, ceremonial Initiations, Clearing Chakras, or simply harmonizing tones for closure after or during body work.
This type of healing creates a wave of Cosmic Rejuvenation throughout the body, toning enhances healing for the organs, soft tissues, bone structure, nerves, brain, and blood circulation.  Toning not only creates healing in the body, it also aligns the aura field in such a way that it creates a pulsation throughout the aura. Toning creates distance in the outer boundaries of the aura field to create healthy and protective expansion. For Example, as you tone and breathe into your aura, you can access the option to change the color of the aura with your intention and the sounds of tones you create. You also can increase the size or fluctuate your aura field through your breathing, this means that you can stretch your aura around you and feel it fluctuate and expand. By practicing this, you will become aware of your light and its strength. As you work in increasing and decreasing the size, you will be able to become aware of the Cosmic Body that surrounds the aura field. The cosmic body is not yours to own, it has its own dynamism and knows how to protect your energy.
With the knowledge of a Cosmic Body that surrounds your aura you will be able to command any foreign energy that is not in your best interest to leave by decreasing the size of your energy field around you. The cosmic body automatically dissolves energy lingering in the wake of your field. When you could change this program daily, you will begin to detect it in others. For instance, when hanging out with other people and you started feeling happy and joyful about the event then, suddenly heaviness sits in or you begin to lose interest of your outing. This is caused when others have energy’s in their field. You can simply take a moment to decrease the size of your light aura and literally shake off that feeling.

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Brina on Friday, January 18, 2019 1:15 PM
Interesting description! Thank you for sharing!
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Cosmic body? What are you talking about, actually? I have no idea right now.
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