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False Prophets

False Prophets,,,
Is there such a thing as false prophets? One of the ways of detecting false prophets is a person or person’s using their spiritual authority against others. People who falsely accuse others of having some type of power to control them or tap into a part of them, that they felt was violating. These can be interesting times, for the most part any person who blames, accuses, or fraudulently accuses another for tampering with their faith is undoubtedly being controlled by an unfriendly friend in spirit. These people have no clue that they are being controlled by an entity or an impostor in their field. As far as they know they are being guided by an ultimate being whose grace, and benevolent light illuminates all doubts from them and they now hold a piece of life that is not tangible for others to have knowledge of. This can be very dangerous and just out of love, it’s important to let these people run a muck and learn their own lessons. The negative part in this is that not all people who follow these false prophets have a clue to what is really going on. These entities have other agendas altogether. Their job is to keep people thinking that they have a magical path and if you follow them you will be doted on by the Universe. True teachers know that work is done internally and once the curriculum is laid out, it’s up to the student to do the work. Nothing is given, and everything is earned.
There is a battle between light and dark, in spirit and reality. People tend to follow others who have influenced some part of their psyche to be truth, when there is no real magic just some person claiming to have more power than others. Look at our world, there is so much happening today, it’s like watching a Hollywood movie with multiple action scenes happening all at once. We have world leaders following a tangent that is creating conflict in the rest of the World. Is this what God had in mind? Are we following people or spirits creating conflict, so people in power can accuse others of having a power over them? Sounds too familiar and too close to home. 
This is what the dark side wants, they love leading people a stray. When you are looking for a teacher, make sure that teacher has plenty of testimonials and feels humble to you. If someone is trying to control how you think, how you feel, and what to invest in, Run away fast. There are many false teachers and then there are true teachers who go out of there way to make sure you understand the material you are asking to learn. They have a unique enthusiasm that captures the magic in others, so those students can feel themselves transforming in the teacher’s presence. The presence of God is in the eyes of both the student and teacher when the right fit is made. Everything is a blessing and encouragement is revealed when the right combination of student and teacher is present.
When it comes to challenging your guides, you need to be vigilant. If you feel as though you have out grown your guidance, then ask them to leave and come back with new inspiration. They will not be offended; their job is to guide you. They were sent to teach you to be who you truly are. True master guides have no egos, no attachments, no agenda, and no control over you. They are simply here to provide suggestions, advice, healing, and insight. There are some that chose to be with you throughout your life, these types of guides can be channeled. Guides who can have fragrance, for instance; the smell of roses, or a nectar scent, are Mother Mary, Quan Yin, or a relative sharing a memory. 
The real guidance is your inner light, you were created with all the wisdom of a master at birth, your spiritual path is the one you create, and love is the only answer. 
The true Prophet…

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Comments RSS on Thursday, February 07, 2019 12:20 AM
I read your article M. Bueno and you mentioned many things about some religions. It is not a joke to write such blogs and publish them on internet as the people in this era are very intelligent who can understand every thing effortlessly.
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