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Maintaining spiritual integrity

False Prophets

False Prophets,,,
Is there such a thing as false prophets? One of the ways of detecting false prophets is a person or person’s using their spiritual authority against others. People who falsely accuse others of having some type of power to control them or tap into a part of them, that they felt was violating. These can be interesting times, for the most part any person who blames, accuses, or fraudulently accuses another for tampering with their faith is undoubtedly being controlled by an unfriendly friend in spirit.

The Indigo Accelerated light process

Happy New Year Souls of Earth! We are on the brink of discovering a world within a world. A discovery of how easy it is to access the divine through intention and joy. The earth and sky are bringing in a support of living consciousness and the Masters support our triumphant period where we take control of letting go of old beliefs, patterns, underlying resentments, lies to ourselves, and a lot more.

Arch Angel Michael is teaching ways to lift our spiritual energies, experience accelerated spiritual growth, and how to expand your overall high self  connection with blissful capabilities.
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