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New Healing Techniques

Toning the Cosmic Body

Toning the Cosmic Body
Toning the cosmic body is done with tones coming consciously from visualization and channeling from the heart center. The cosmic body refers to the energy in the body and in the outer body. It can be imagined like the Placenta that houses a new born child still in the Mothers womb. The cosmic body is the light lining between the organs and soft tissues. It is the energy that is always working in the background protecting our physical bodies and light bodies. Toning is done when giving massage or by channeling distant healing.

Tethering Healing

I stumbled upon a technique I like to call "Tethering Healing." I have always had the influence of healing possibilities, working with the Masters has given me insight that is beyond anything I have ever felt and experienced. In my meditations I have fallen into deep tranquil trances where I can feel the Universe in me expanding in every perception of mind. I have felt the immense uncanny emotions of the planet, the progression of the human collective, as well as the Universal collective which at times was very difficult to come out of my meditations or even to verbalize what I experienced.
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