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False Prophets

False Prophets,,,
Is there such a thing as false prophets? One of the ways of detecting false prophets is a person or person’s using their spiritual authority against others. People who falsely accuse others of having some type of power to control them or tap into a part of them, that they felt was violating. These can be interesting times, for the most part any person who blames, accuses, or fraudulently accuses another for tampering with their faith is undoubtedly being controlled by an unfriendly friend in spirit.

Pathway to Heaven

In the past 6 mos I have lost dear friends who have impacted my life. Death is not an easy experience to have especially, when it hits home. Out of the 6 people who crossed, two of the Men one of which was a long time dear friend, spiritual brother, and old boss. I used to babysit his kids while him and his wife went out. We had history, we trained with the same Metaphysical teacher and he hired me to do landscaping back in the early 90's. When he contacted me over Thanksgiving of 2017, I had no idea it would be that last time I would hear his voice and laugh at his jokes.

Master Ethereal and Earth Changes

In the past few months I have noticed a sequence of roller coaster type emotions affecting individuals as myself. 
A month back we had solar flares coming to the planet, Solar eclipses, and before that the human collective was dealing with children killing children. What does this all mean, So I went to source to ask about our current situation and how the Human collective are supposed to deal with all this on going chaos.
 Source sent Ethereal to me, one of the Ascended Masters from the 9th dimension, and he said,  this is only the beginning, many citizens will feel the sting of transformation.
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