Soul Body Harmonics - Multi-Dimensional Healer, and Shaman Mentor

     ~Lightning Bear~
  Metaphysical Healer & Shaman Mentor. 
 My mission is to share the knowledge handed down to me and pass the torch to those who feel drawn to this work. 
I am a divine teacher of teachers and I have been called into action by the Father of creation to assist healers, psychics, galactic beings, and other medicine workers to set the bar of healing work a little higher.
 I currently have Metaphysical Classes & Shaman Empowerment Mentoring classes that I teach online.
 These classes are in 10 to 12 week intervals, one day per week. 
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 Soul Body Harmonics Classes
Healing starts with you, life has moments when we can sit in awe with what the Creator has made for us, even the life experiences we've had and don't understand how to give verbiage too. 
Myself, the Masters, my guides, my inner child, my animal spirits and my ancestors have collaborated together to create an instruction program in alignment with the earth changes of this time. There is a lot going on in the world today and earth changes affect us all. So, instead ignoring what each person has to offer in helping to create a better earth for our children, we have created these classes so each of you can make a difference in your life and in the life of others. 
As a channel for the Universe, I have been gifted  visions and creation medicine to pass on to whomever feels drawn to this work. 
This is my passion and my path at this time and I am grateful for this journey. 
We don't have to struggle or depend on others to make us happy or feel worthy, it is up to us to seek out our true potential with compassion and courage.

All we need to do is be willing, be open, and be present. 

A little about our on line classes
We look at your strengths and well as what you feel are your weaknesses.  I work on redefining your  hidden talents and bring them to your awareness. 
I am willing to go that extra mile for you and work individually or in a group setting. The healing work has to be done by you, the empowerment process is phenomenal when you are able to follow through with the material. Whatever it takes! You will be amazed within the first 3 sessions of how you will feel with the new empowerment material. 

These classes are different from all other services I offer. The classes I teach have a spiritual foundation I rely on in order to share with you a well rounded spiritual awareness development and the use of healing tools to utilize at your discretion.
  With my guidance, you will learn to access these parts on your own.
 With the knowledge you gain, you will be able to sculpt your own cutting edge healing practices over time.  .More...
  • I will assist you in fine tuning your divine source
  • You will gain a tool set for clearing your field
  • Each class will bring you closer to your own connection to spirit
  • You will feel lighter in your life 
  • Your perceptions of your old life will cease to exist
  • You will have a daily practice to keep up your personal Vibe
  • You will have an understanding of how and when to use your gifts
  • You will feel more effective with your work and feel confident in creating your own classes

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High vibrational Healing

"Return to yourself, let your light embrace your Awakening          spirit and become who you truly are.."

Master Kuthumi

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